Today Ayurveda has become an integral part of our lifestyle by way of cosmetics, health tonics, massages, health and fitness etc.. The popularity of Ayurveda can be gauged from the fact that, today no five star hotel is complete without these therapies being provide to their guests.
Jivak Ayurveda Cancer Hospital was founded with the mission of ‘Ayurvedic care of every life’. Jivak Ayurveda is a leading GMP certified herbal manufacturing company. Jivak Ayurveda brand products are quiet popular in India.
Jivak Ayurveda product range includes herbal vegetarian capsules, ayurvedic pills, classical ayurvedic products, herbal juices, natural herbal powder blends, herbal panchakarma massage oils, natural beauty products.
Jivak Ayurveda Clinics are also popular for Panchakarma treatment, Ayurveda retreats, Ayurveda courses and yoga centers in various parts of the world. The first center ofcourse was established in India.
Jivak Ayurveda believes in nature’s healing capacity and our mission is to keep the body and mind in a balanced state and creating a disease free society. The diseases can be mental and physical.
Complicated diseases like Diabetes, Blood pressure, Arthritis, Stress, Auto-immune diseases, Psoriasis are all treated by various ayurvedic herbs, minerals and panchakarma therapies at the centers.
We make sure that the consumers get best quality products and services from our centers and that’s why Management, appoints special staff at our centers.

What we can do for you
  1. Provide the best quality staff for you -Ayurveda experts, Masseurs, helpers if needed.
  2. Provide the best quality set up – Panchkarma equipments, logo designs and interiors
  3. Provide the best quality products – Massage oils and all other Jivak Ayurveda products
  4. Provide necessary training
  5. Provide information brochures, literature, catalogs and later you can develop them in your own language at your own place.

Jivak Ayurveda – India is looking for reliable persons and agencies for tie-ups and franchise opportunities to provide better Ayurveda services to people across the world.
Best opportunity to start a business related to Ayurveda and generates profits. Join hands with us for prosperity and let us grow together.
Panchakrama treatment and Ayurveda retreats is a fastest growing concept due to stressful lifestyle and dreadful diseases coming up every other day. Jivak Ayurveda offers not only business opportunity to make good livelihood and lifestyle but also helps to know other humans better and help them in their stressful diseased state.

What are the Franchisee Benefits?
  1. You can use the brand name “JIVAK AYURVEDA” as it is a catchy name and already popular.
  2. As soon as you become a franchisee of your region, We will forward all our queries directly to you. This will ease our burden and improve your business.
  3. Jivak Ayurveda is backed by Experienced Mangement, has a 14 years experience in the field of Ayurveda. He is not making his living from consultations but still loves to treat them, gives lectures and consultations at various centers.
  4. Our Management is willing to share his expertise of pulse diagnosis and other experiences with his franchisee holders and junior doctors.
  5. We do not believe in fake marketing but we know that if you provide better quality products, excellent services and good treatment to consumes and treat them well – they advertise for you in real !
  6.  90 % of our clients who visit our centers or our websites or purchase a product from us, they become our friends or associates. The reason is effective products and services, hospitality and humbleness and genuine intentions to help the customers.
  7.  We can go at any extent to help you in your initial set up hurdles. We can also help you in preparing the brochures, Catalogs, planning the revenue generation methods, planning the Panchakarma packages like – Rejuvenation / Relaxation / Detoxification.
  8. Though we provide you expert ayurveda doctors, but we can even send a team of doctors to your center to teach basic therapies and marketing techniques as per your region needs.
Prerequisites for Jivak Ayurveda Franchisee
  • Have your own space of no less than 1500 to 2000 square feet in an accessible, central area.
  • It can be a bigger area, out of the city also for comfortable stay of the patients. (This module is different than the city center concept)
  • Have a passion for Ayurveda and natural healing
  • Must have background of business, any type of business is fine.
  • Demonstrate financial competence and stability.
If interested in associating with us, then please contact us with details of
  1. Your current occupation.
  2. Why you are interested in setting up an Ayurveda retreat and center.
    Contact at – or or call on +91-8004949556


Ayurvedic Wellness Clinic

Jivak Ayurveda offering Ayurvedic Business Opportunity through its unique Business Model “Ayurvedic Wellness Clinic” in every district & states of India. JIvak Ayurveda is a well known brand for ayurveda wellness clinic operations, authentic Ayurvedic medicine manufacturing, Clinical Training for fresher doctors & Research program in Ayurveda. We have a range of classical & patent formulations which are prepared after lengthy scientific clinical trials at our own clinics & Hospitals. Presently Jivak Ayurveda is running its Ayurvedic Clinic in different places.

Our Areas of Work
  • Ayurvedic Treatment
  • Panchkarma & Beauty Treatments
  • Yoga & Medical Astrology
  • Clinical Training,  & Panchkarma Traning
  • Ayurvedic Medicine Manufacturing / Distribution
  • Ayurvedic News Publication – Ayurveda For Healthy Living ( media partner
Services Offered:

Today Jivak Ayurveda is an established brand in ayurveda health care industry with a proven track record of result oriented Treatment Protocols, Professionally managed Ayurveda Clinics and scientifically developed authentic Ayurvedic medicines. We are offering Ayurvedic Business Opportunity of “Ayurvedic Wellness Clinic” to start clinic in different parts of India and abroad.

Services we offer at our centers :
  1. Ayurvedic Treatments ( Majour focus on Chronic Diseases & for wellness )
  2. Panchkarma Treatments ( If extra space avialable)
  3. Whole selling of Herbal Products into the local market

All the above three categories of services are available under one roof at our wellness clinic. It is unique concept to get more revenue & more profit with less investment and without risk.

Wellness Spa : A Wellness spa is an establishment where people come for professionally administered personal care treatments such as rejuvenation and detoxification treatments, herbal oil massages and ayurvedic facials etc. It is similar to a Luxury Day Spa in that it is only visited for the duration of the treatment.

Treatments offered in this type of Wellness Spa are :
  • Siroabhyangam (Head Massage)
  • Sirodhara (Dhara)
  • Facial and Face Pack for Glowing Complexion
  • Rejuvenation
  • Treatment for Removing Stress and Strain & Toning up of the Whole Body

Ayurvedic Clinical Spa : An Ayurvedic Clinical spa or Ayurvedic Centre is a full fledged treatment centre where one seeks expert health advice by licensed health care professional such as an Ayurvedic Doctor (BAMS) and accordingly treated of various ailments. The doctor may advise Panchakarma which is a complete body rejuvenation procedure and alleviates chronic diseases from its roots. This can be established by any entrepreneur who wishes to invest in the health care industry.

Treatments offered Ayurvedic Clinical SPA – includes all the therapies offered in a wellness SPA model

  • Eye Care
  • Weight Loss
  • Post Pregnancy Programme (Udwarthanam)
  • Arthritis and Spondylitis (Vasti)
  • Slip-Disc
  • Sinusitis & Migraine
  • And various wellness therapies
Who Can Become Business Associate:

To be a part this Ayurvedic Business Opportunity “Ayurvedic Wellness Clinic” any Individual, Entrepreneur, Health care Professional, Clinics / Hospitals / Resort owners who can arrange ayurveda health care oriented infrastructure to setup Clinic or Panchakrma Center in a prime commercial/residential location.

Ayurvedic Wellness Clinic Facts :
  • Fastest Growing healthcare sector
  • Less Investment & High Profits
  • No Risk and No Gestation Period
  • Total Marketing and Publicity Support
  • Dedicated Back end support
  • Trained Doctor to manage clinic
  • Clinically proven treatment Protocol
  • In House manufacturing of complete range of ayurvedic products.
  • No drug license required
  • No Franchise Fee
  • No Royalty
Our expertise :
  • 12 years experince to run successful ayurvedic clinic & panchkarma centres.
  • Authenticated & result oriented treatment protocol
  • Genuine ayurvedic treatment for chronic disease & for wellness
  • 100% ayurvedic treatment through classical & patent medicine
  • Full fledged infrastructure to manage back end operation
  • In house production of all ayurvedic medicine to run clinic
  • Dedicated team to handel clinical operation
  • One stop solution under one roof
Our USP:
  • Best quality herbs used in each ayurvedic formulation
  • Exact quanity of each ingridients used as mentioned on label
  • Using higher concentrated extracts in each formulation
  • Manufcaturing under hygienic conditions as per gmp norms
  • Every product is launched only after clinical trial & research work
Space Required:

For Ayurvedic Clinic Unit : 300 sq ft to 500 Sq Ft
For Panchkarma Unit : 1000 sq ft to 1500 sq ft

Total Investments:
  • Total Investment Required for “Ayurvedic Wellness Clinic” : 2.5 Lacs for Ayurvedic Clinic.
  • Total Investment Required for “Ayurvedic Wellness Clinic & Panchkarma Center” : 8-10 Lacs for Panchakrma center. But Investment depends as per the property condition. If you already have furnished property then investment would be less.
Earning Potential :

Business Associates can earn the profit of Rs. 25000/ & above per month if follow the business model for “Ayurvedic Wellness Clinic” as per the guideline set by the company.

Revenue Source :
  • Business Associates will earn the revenue from medicine sale
  • Business Associates will earn the revenue from Consultation fee
  • Business Associates will earn the revenue from services of diagnostic & lab
Publicity Support:
  • We will promote each outlet though online so that your clinic outlet should be on first page of google ranking.
  • We will provide support to handle local promotion like ayurveda seminar, health camp and other promotional activities.
  • Shortly we are going to start our advertisement on TV / Electronic media so that outlet can be promoted.
  • Company will give print advertisement to promote local outlets as per their marketing plan.
  • Branding of Clinic will be done by the company.
One Time Setup Fee:
  • One Time Setup Fee for “Ayurvedic Wellness Clinic” : Rs. 50000.00 one time only
  • One Time Setup Fee for ” Ayurvedic Clinic & Panchkarma Centre” : 1.5 Lacs one time only
Terms & Conditions :
  • Business Associates will follow the guidelines of “Jivak Ayurveda”.
  • Business Associates cannot sell any competitor product or medicine at clinic other than “Jivak Ayurveda”.
  • Business Associates will follow the treatment protocol of “Jivak Ayurveda”
  • Ayurvedic Business Opportunity – “Ayurvedic Wellness Clinic” offer is valid for limited location.
  • Company reserves the right to cancel or terminate MOU any time if Business Associates breach the trust and terms & conditions.
    For more information on above, Please write us at : or Call at : +91-8004949556


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What Patients Say

Dear Mr. T K Srivastava,

This is to thank you and the entire team at Jivak Ayurveda for the care taken towards my mother during her pain cancer.

She is now back home.

Dr. Tiwari and his entire team was exceptional in assisting her recovery in every possible way without which her turnaround would have perhaps been difficult.

I must also bring to your notice that your hospital has an outstanding nursing team. Even in the crisis, the team kept my mother smiling. Do convey my personal gratitude to a…

Thanks "Jivak" to give me a new hope of Life


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