surya-namaskarYoga can cure almost any disease under the sky. In fact it would be fair to say that you can stay free from all diseases if you practice yogasana regularly. And if you have developed a particular disease, the natural cure for that ailment might be there in yoga. After all, yoga is the collective wisdom of ages and encompasses a system of cure.

Practicing yoga has many benefits in improving our health, as it keeps us away from diseases and helps in making us fit, flexible, and fresh for the whole day. In our daily life, we are busy in working the whole day and forget all about our health. And as a result, we always feel pain, stress, and have many chances to fall ill. But Practicing yoga just once in our daily routine will help reduce and overcome the problems that even medicines are unable to cure. Many of us have jobs sitting in offices the whole day. Even after that, not practicing Yoga or doing any physical practice can affect our body in looking obese and making it stiff.

Jivak Ayurveda suggested yoga according to disease and patient’s condition. Jivak working for Yoga at two segment :

  1. Yoga for Illness
  2. Yoga for Wellness

Complete Relaxation:  Jivak Ayurveda remain toned for the whole day, physically as well as psychologically. This toned posture of body and mind has made us stiff, stiffness brings pain and arrogance. Once you have the arrogance you will lead to improper decisions and lastly you will lose yourself and will be dragged to the negative side of the life. One thing can save you and this is Yoga for you.

Vata (वात)

This happens mostly with the persons of Vata (वात) body type, because Vata (वात) people are more on a move always and these persistent and continuous movements can stress anyone. Choose the right Asana (आसन) from your Yoga plan on your profile and start practicing for a cause. Cause is simple, your happiness, this happiness can be translated as your health or even as harmony between you and your surroundings. Yoga is based on the same principle of complete relaxation- in case you are Vata (वात).

Pitta (पित्त)

For Pitta (पित्त) persons, Yoga is a way to control the Anger, Anxiety and Appetite- these three A’s are always on a higher side with Pitta (पित्त) Persons. Secondly Yoga brings the deep relaxation for the brain, which is always active with Pitta (पित्त) Dosha.

Kapha (कफ)

For Kapha (कफ) Prakruti Yoga paces your body and mind so that you can speed up with the society and your outer environment.

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What Patients Say

I was Visited at Jivak Ayurveda for dengue on 26th August 2016. From day one I have been taken good care of by the Jivak team. I felt like I was treated by my own family. I was also very happy about a patient care attendant who gave me a sponge bath and also came to talk to me when ever possible to reduce my dengue anxiety. He even noticed the small red spots on my back and reported to the nurse. It was very nice to see so much compassion. Hats off to all of you. I made it a point to take the na…

I felt like I was treated by my own family


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