Treatment Methodology

Jivak Ayurveda use a special Try-fold method for Treatment i.e. Ayurvedic Treatment, Ayurvedic Diet Plan and Yoga according to patients.

Ayurvedic Treatment

jivak treatmentAccording to patient

General condition of the patient
Present symptoms and Nadi of the patient.

According to cancer type

The site of the cancer.
The type of the cancer.
Gravity of the cancer spread of it in the body.

According to the Nadi

Single dosha affected
Two dosha affected
Tridosha affected

According to Agni

This is based upon bowels movement, digestive capabilities, appetite, food options available, and mictruition, and general metabolism

Heal with Diet

The impact of food choices on a person’s risk of developing cancer is astounding. In Western countries, over 30% of all cancers have been estimated to be directly or indirectly linked to the food choices we make. Here you will find a bevy of resources designed for people who are interested in reducing their risk of cancer naturally through diet. Under normal conditions, the cells that make up your body grow, divide, and die in a controlled manner. Cancer develops when some of these cells begin to grow out of control due to damaged DNA.

Heal With Yoga

Yoga can cure almost any disease under the sky. In fact it would be fair to say that you can stay free from all diseases if you practice yogasana regularly. And if you have developed a particular disease, the natural cure for that ailment might be there in yoga. After all, yoga is the collective wisdom of ages and encompasses a system of cure.

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What Patients Say

I was Visited at Jivak Ayurveda for dengue on 26th August 2016. From day one I have been taken good care of by the Jivak team. I felt like I was treated by my own family. I was also very happy about a patient care attendant who gave me a sponge bath and also came to talk to me when ever possible to reduce my dengue anxiety. He even noticed the small red spots on my back and reported to the nurse. It was very nice to see so much compassion. Hats off to all of you. I made it a point to take the na…

I felt like I was treated by my own family


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